Home Inspection Hall of Shame

When I tell people what I do: ” Oh you must see some crazy stuff during Home Inspections…”

Me: “You have no idea…”

This conversation happens pretty often so this blog is for that. I will add good ones as I find them. Do NOT keep scrolling if you are a first time home buyer.

14. Mold in the attic. All ventilation had been covered up.

13. Nobody mentioned a fire in the property disclosure.

12. Caught you red handed squirrel…

11. I don’t even know what this roof is doing. Not much really.10. Gutter or planter???

9. Messy electric work.

8. 2 different roofs, pretty common problem.

7. Another…

6. Roof leak


5. Lites. 😂

4. Wooden panel cover?

3. Why the extra long gutter?

2. Worlds smallest gutter.

1. Hole in the roof