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Here are 3 great companies that can help. It is best to schedule your septic at the same time as the home inspection if possible. If not possible thats ok too.

If you have any questions give them a call:

Maznek Septic Company : 603-471-1415

Septic Check NH : 603-893-2011

EDR Family Septic: 603-290-0153

A PRIVATE septic system is one of, if not the most, expensive system in your home. A septic evaluation is not included in a general home inspection. You will need to call in a licensed septic evaluator. A septic evaluator will locate and dig up the septic tank, distribution box and the leach field. They will go over the system with you and explain any issues that are going on. Don’t forget that regular pumping of a septic system is not the same as an evaluation. Many homeowners pump their tanks regularly but do not get evaluations. Always get an evaluation when purchasing a home. If you can get a copy of the plans or any information about the location of the tank and the system that will help your septic evaluator very much.

Don’t forget that if your home is on PUBLIC sewer that the home owner owns the outlet pipe from the home all the way to where it connects at the street. Any damaged sections of pipe are the responsibility of the home owner to repair, not the town. A sewer scope is always recommended for homes on public sewer, especially older homes. Older homes may have cast iron or even clay pipes to the street, instead of the PVC of today.

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