I get to see a lot of different houses and a lot of different components in those houses. I don’t look at peoples “stuff”, like their TV, radios, speakers, computers or stuff like that because they aren’t a part of the HOME. These things will be gone when the house is sold, but below are things that should stay because they are installed INTO the property.  Here are a few of my favorite examples that I have seen and that are sweet additions to any home.

1. USB Outlets. Think about how many of your electronic devices use a USB to charge up. My house has about 20. Cell phone, laptop, iPad, iPod, baby monitor, Kindle, blu tooth speakers, screwdriver, flashlight, video game controllers, and on and on. These outlets are fantastic and give you more flexibility as to where you can plug in your stuff. There are many different makes and models but they are not too expensive, about $15-20 each.

2. Bathroom Fan with BluTooth Speakers. You need to have a bathroom fan anyways, so why not make it awesome?! This one is at Home Depot for $159. It does the job with 90 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and links wirelessly to your phone or tablet and streams your music while you shower. Also the fan is not too loud to compete with the music. It also has LED lights, white during the day and blue for night.

3. Snap Power Outlet Covers. They are your simple outlet cover, but also have an LED light on the bottom with a sensor to turn on when it gets dark. They are very efficient and don’t use much energy. The best part is that there is ZERO wiring involved. There are these little whisker thingies in the back that draw just enough power to run the light. All you do is screw in the center and thats it. No joke you can install them in 10-15 seconds. They sell other models too for switches and USB chargers. Check them out at

4. Nest Thermostat. No need to get up and change the thermostat. Also no need for Dad’s around the world to get up and check the thermostat to make sure someone didn’t change it!!! Dad’s just know when it’s been changed, we’ve had that technology for years.  The Nest Thermostat learns from your preferences and adjusts the temperature to match, saving you money on heating bills.  Plus you can sync it with Alexa or Google Home and never have to get up again.  You can change the temp from the couch, or from vacation in Mexico.  The Nest also has more options to turn your home into a true “Smart Home”.  $249 at Lowes.

5. Door Locks with Pass Code. I always suggest to new home buyers to change the locks, or at least get them re-keyed. It will give you peace of mind that there aren’t any keys out there to get into your house. Go one more and add the deadbolt with a Pass Code. Just seeing one of these might be enough to deter a potential thief. There are many different makes and models, the one below is by Schlage and they make a great product. This model is only $124.00 at Lowes.

6. Dimmer Switches. Nothing new here, these have been around for a long time. They are great for every room in the house. They cost more than a standard switch and also the bulbs cost more, but they are pretty sweet. Some of the fancier new ones also are wireless and can be controlled from your phone, you know, to set the mood, or whatever. The one below is only $12.99 at Lowes and even cheaper if you buy in bulk.7. Motion Lights. Again, nothing new here but it is great to see these on any home. They are a great addition for safety. Coming home late they can light up your walkway so you don’t trip and fall. If you are not at home and a potential burglar trips the light they will probably try and rob another home. Again there are many options available. My favorites have 2 or 3 bulbs that you can point in different directions and aim them where you want. The one above is only $60.

Any of these are a great addition to your home or potential new home. They are also a nice gift for Father’s day, hint hint. I enjoy pointing these out to my customers when I see them during inspections and they like seeing them too. Sometimes they don’t even know they are there until I find them.  As always if you are adding one of these to your home and are not comfortable installing yourself, hire a professional or call us and we can set you up with the right people.

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