New Hampshire 3 Credit Real Estate CEU Class

Welcome to the Knox Home Inspections continuing education class called: Think Like an Inspector

This is a 3 Credit State Approved Class.

This class will be a video format and is directly below these instructions. To receive your certificate of completion you must perform all these steps.

  1. Watch the entire video below.
  2. Subscribe to the Knox Home Inspections Youtube channel (for attendance purposes).
  3. Comment on the video on Youtube (again for attendance purposes).
  4. Take the 25 question quiz on this page below the video. Make sure to answer the question that has your name on it so that we can put the correct name on the certificate.
  5. We will send you your certificate for 3 Credit Hours.

If you have any questions feel free to call Riley at 603-556-3155.

Please allow 24 hours for your certificate to be delivered, if you do not receive it in 24 hours please call.

Thank you for taking our class. Feel free to share with other real estate agents.