Knox Referral List

This is a list of qualified professionals that may have been referenced in your recent home inspection. Most of these professionals I have personally hired or, have worked with personally. These are a great place to start at. However, I always encourage clients to call multiple people for multiple quotes, especially for expensive projects.


Maznek Septic Company : 603-722-4188

St. Onge Septic: 603-627-2809

Radon Air and Water Systems:

Coletta Radon Systems, 603-401-3563


K&G Electric: 603-860-0324

Tech Solutions and Power: 603-396-7402

Handy Man Services:

HandyMan Mark: 603-296-5630

LBJ Remodeling: 603-560-5384


Dan Robinson, Innovative Roofing: 339-224-1226

Sentry Roofing: 603-774-7663

Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning:

Paradigm Plumbing Heating and AC: 603-641-6400

Billy Sarcione, Glacier Plumbing and Heating: 603-391-2053

Home Air Plus – Heating, Air Conditioning: 603-509-3214


Jeff The Painter: 407-433-4212

Home Insurance:

Josh Klecan, Core Insurance: 603-401-2990

Mold Remediation:

Peniel Environmental: 855-712-8434

New England Remediations Services: 603-491-5738

Tree Services:

Bartlett Tree Experts: Joe Davis: Cell: 603-234-7732

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